Car & Light Van Servicing

Regular car servicing can help to extend the life of a vehicle, and help identify faults on the vehicle before they become a safety issue or cause the car to break down.

Regular servicing can also ensure that slow wearing parts (such as timing belts) are replaced at the appropriate time in the vehicle’s life as well as helping to spread out the cost of keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy state.

Newsflash - New car owners are no longer tied to having vehicles serviced by the dealers!

Thanks to recent changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation, owners of cars under three years old can now get maximum value for money car servicing from us without invalidating the manufacturers warranty.

Cumming Automotive is also able to provide vehicle manufacturers’ servicing schedules at far more affordable prices. We also offer our own service schedule for cars no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. These services are extremely rigorous without involving the high costs normally associated with this level of service.

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